We Would like to welcome our newest import, Donna OD Vadanora. Donna comes to us from Croatia and already has a proven show record in Europe placing V-1 multiple times.

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2011 Trips to Germany!!

    During our trip to Germany we had the opportunity spend time with some of the greatest breeders of German Rottweilers over the last 30+ years and at the same time seen some of today's top producing Rottweilers and their Rottweiler puppies. We want to thank our friend Josef Hedl for being a great tour guide and introducing us to breeders from top kennels such as Vom Schwaiger Wappen, Vom Rangau, Vom Schwaiger Rathaus, Von Teufelsbruke, Von Der Lauterbruke, and Von Der Scherau to name a few. These breeders have produced many of the Rottweilers that have been the foundation of many breeding programs across the world. These Dogs include King Vom Schwaiger Wappen, Akino Von Der Lauterbruke, Amigo Vom Schwaiger Wappen, Pascha Vom Rangau, Gino Von Der Berghalbinsel, Mambo Von Der Teufelsbruke, Muck Von Der Scherau, and Sofie Vom Schwaiger Rathaus.


    We would like to send a special thanks to our friends, Xavier Meixner, Christine Meyer, Sandra Steif and Elke Erben who treated us like family during our trip.


    During our trips to Germany we were lucky enough to be able to bring back pick female from Xavier Meixner breeding between Pascha Vom Rangau and Sofie Vom Schwaiger Rathaus, we have high hope for our girl, Annika Vom Schwaiger Rathaus. Also while on our trip we purchase our newest Rottweiler stud dog, Ragnar Vom Rangau. Ragnar's puppies should be hitting the show ring later this year.


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